Health is our top priority

We are a humble and small B&B, but our B&B is like our home and as such, we treat it always with the most care and love. From the beginning, we have always had excellent ratings for hygiene and cleanliness. Many of the requirements to fight Covid-19 were already on our list of normal procedures, but we have included some new ones.

Because our priority is both your and our safety and wellbeing, we stay up to date with the evolution of the crisis, and we comply daily with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Government of Spain as well as by the World Health Organization. We have also adapted the recommendations given by the ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española) to the structure of our B&B.

We kindly ask you to also wear masks when you are in the common areas, and we welcome you to use the specific gel we will have in there to disinfect your hands whenever you want. To those clients booking direct, we will also offer a Welcome kit with 1 or 2 masks (depending on the occupancy you have booked) and a complimentary bottle of hygienic gel for hands.

We have rearranged the way we serve breakfast. To avoid exposure, we have for the moment closed the buffet. You will still be able to eat anything from it; we will just ask you what you would like to have and will prepare it for you individually.

Actions we have taken for your protection:

  • Cleaning and disinfection:
    • Use of specific detergents for floors and surfaces
    • Special attention to disinfection of most used objects such as switches, tv command, knobs, etc.
    • Disinfection of all textiles with special product.
    • Ventilation to help air renovation.
    • As recommended by the ICTE, we have taken out all carpets, all non-necessary decoration objects, etc.
    • Use of individual cleaning cloths for each room.
    • Specific training of our cleaning staff
  • For our own protection:
    • Use of masks
    • Use of visors
    • Use of hydroalcoholic gel
    • Protection vest for cleaning

The WHO (World Health Organization) has recently informed that the transmission of the virus through the surfaces has not been able to be confirmed and maintains that it is transmitted mainly through close physical contact and respiratory residues. (source: However, we will keep our efforts as mentioned and will keep following all the guidelines, as our main goal is that you take back only great memories from your time in Barcelona and our B&B.